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Post by ste574 on Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:11 pm

can you let my son join is name is robbo_1985 he as 2 villages on uk 6 he as some experience is pop on uk 1 is 275 (-106/-140) thank you from ste574


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Applicants - Page 2 Empty Application

Post by Pieboy on Sat Dec 06, 2008 3:00 am

1. Why do you wish to join?
Massively enjoying Travian and would like to contribute to an alliance that will play the endgame. I think I am now ready to start founding new villages and would like to do this as part of a strong and active alliance.
2. Have you been attacked recently or in the past and have the attacker repeatedly attacked you? This is not a way to instantly grant yourself immunity from attacks.
Not really - I have lost less than 100 troops in attack or defense since starting and have not lost any resources or buildings.
3. How active are you?
Very - raid (no major alliances) 10 to 20 times a day.
4. What can you contribute to the alliance if you were to join?
Good team player but I would rather be a soldier than a leader. Will contribute when asked if able.
5. Have you been in any other alliance before?
As of this morning I am leader of G.T.F. and if judged successfully I will need to find a volunteer to take on leadership.
6. What experience do you have in Travian?
Only started at end of October but have played several times a day since. Spent a lot of time on the wiki.
7. Have you read the alliance rules from the Travian page and do you agree to them?
8. What is your name and co-ordinates?
Pieboy (-150/127)

I await your judgment :-)

Thats it! Sit back and wait till we digest your application and decide on your Judgement.


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Applicants - Page 2 Empty Request to join

Post by kamach24 on Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:48 pm

1. I would like to be part of the game, this has been my first village so I can't deny I have been a little naive in how to set up and get going. Although my village is now growing at quite a rate. I would like however to get more involved in attack play and being part of a bigger picture.

2. I have been attacked recently due to having a lone village and as I have said relatively inexperienced, although I do have other villages on other servers now.

3. I have been every day for the past month.

4. My time and enthusiasm for the game. I have really enjoyed playing Travian since I started and hope to improve my strategy as much as possible.

5. No

6. As said this paticular town is my first.

7. I have and I do.

8. kamach240 -121/-162


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Applicants - Page 2 Empty Re: Applicants

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